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Magnetic Anti-age Cream Therapy. A luxury for the beauty and youth of your skin. This exclusive cream, rich and silky in texture, combines the repairing properties of pure 24 carat Gold, powdered Pearl and Diamonds to combat skin ageing. The result: a skin which is luminous, young, alive and full of energy.

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Apart from diamond dust, this cream has built up a list of other "luxury" ingredients: gold, pearls and silk.

Pearl Powder: its aesthetic virtues have to do with their amino acid composition that is similar to the one present in the skin, which ensures a filling effect that improves turgescence (cell expansion). That same action helps the dermis to improve its ability to retain water, which affects its level of hydration and its rejuvenating properties. This cream treatment enhances and reinforces the internal structure of the cells responsible for the nutrition and density of the skin.

Diamond Dust: improves the texture and skin tone. In addition, it possesses the ability to revitalize and relax the muscles. It is a delicate skin renewal, a contribution from mother earth to counteract the aging of the skin, restoring to it the freshness and the softness of youth.

"A luxury for making skin beautiful and youthful. This exclusive cream with its rich and silky texture combines the restorative properties of gold (above) and diamonds, to fight aging."


Apply onto clean skin over the face, neck and neckline every day. For external use.

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